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As a company and your partner, we are here to make a difference in people's lives and contribute to a better world. Our goal is to make life more beautiful for everybody – for you and your team, for our employees and for everyone we care about. And that extends to everything we do: our partnerships, our brands, our charity and philanthropy programs, and a positive working environment. That’s why we work hard – so you can do more every day in favor of sustainable living.


In order to make a difference in everything we do, we want our brands to accomplish more than create beautiful hair and satisfy your clients. We want to use their high profile to do good in our society.

Group of five people on the street wearing all black and smiling

We ensure that all our brands have a clear purpose – a reason for being – and represent a positive contribution to society above and beyond their hair care performance.

doing good for society – our goals

For many years now we have been actively supporting various charitable causes. Now we are going one step further. In the future we will be choosing charity programs that are close to your hearts as stylists and creating a process that welcomes you to join us in selecting the program for the coming year. Our efficient customer support will play a key role in this process and in making our selected campaigns a success. 

Many hands being painted as a pink heart

Based on a shortlist, we will invite salon owners and stylists to vote online and determine which philanthropy program we will support in the coming year. 

Woman wearing a branded Kao Salon Division t-shirt interacting with colored women

We are increasing our charity efforts year-on-year, keeping in mind consumers' needs.
For example, this year … 

  • every employee of Kao Salon Division can already spend one day to support the chosen program; days will be added in the coming years.


In line with our vision of making life more beautiful and contributing to a better world, sustainability plays a natural role in our work environments. We make our commitment tangible for everybody, encouraging our employees to help shape our vision by practicing sustainability in their daily work.  

Building with Kao logo in front shown from outside

We implement tools and structures to create a good work environment, which in turn helps inspire our employees to organize their work sustainably. These include ...

  • active waste sorting at our sites
  • energy-saving office equipment & processes
  • installation of solar or thermo-solar facilities at appropriate sites

Woman standing at train station with moving train in background

We encourage our employees to opt for sustainable commuting as their personal day-by-day contribution to combatting global warming. Step-by-step we are … 

  • incentivizing public transportation and alternative commuting solutions 
  • installing e-charging stations at all our sites
  • progressively reducing the COemissions of our vehicle fleet¹ 

1all Kao-owned sites 

Woman in an office having a virtual meeting

We encourage our employees to plan their business trips sustainably. We ...

  • promote train vs. air travel for short distances for a smaller carbon footprint 
  • track the CO2 emissions of flights to raise employee awareness of their eco impact
    have set up virtual meeting technologies at all our sites as a sustainable alternative to physical travel 


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