In the future, salon clients not only want us manufacturers to take care of the environment; they also expect to see you, their stylist, doing your fair share.

As your partner, we want to help you master the challenge of running your salon more sustainably in the future. For example, with relevant environmental education embedded in our salon trainings and our academy seminar offerings; or with our “toolbox” of dedicated salon solutions. Plus we provide tips that you can implement right in your salon: after all, little improvements can add up to big changes.

With our support and back-up, you will be able to make informed choices. You decide how far you want to go in your sustainability efforts and how best to reduce waste according to your capacity. We believe that knowledge empowers – and now is the time to use that power for the good of our society. Look for our commitments to you, our salon partner, and our future goals.


In our training events we help you and your team make informed choices and implement small but important changes in the ways you work and use our products. You will learn how to improve your salon routines. Everything you do can mean a difference for our planet.


We integrate sustainability step-by-step as one aspect of our existing training programs, making the concept tangible and concrete wherever relevant.

We are creating an interactive information-exchange, learning and support platform. It will provide expert content for salon owners and stylists, helping and enabling them to make a difference at their salons, e.g.

  • regular tips for a sustainable behavior - @salon and @home
  • step-by-step how-to guide on making a salon more sustainable
  • consultation and support tools for salon owners 

We are making “Sustainability” a featured theme at our customer events, fairs and conferences to underline its importance for us and provide valuable information and guidance whenever we can.
For example …

  • our biggest global stylist event – the “Kao Salon Global Experience” ­– will address this topic, e.g. with a  “Sustainable Salon” award.

our goals

On top of our environmental education for stylists, we provide dedicated support, consultation and expert networks to our salon partners to help them lessen the environmental impact of their salons. For us,  informed choices are valuable and paramount.


We are transforming our academies into "Green Salon Hubs", i.e. benchmark salons in terms of minimal energy, water consumption, and CO2 and waste generation.

We aim to systematically reduce our operational waste at the salon level (products, services, packaging, communication) to enable you to significantly cut the waste at your salon.

We are developing ‘Eco-Salon Solutions,’ a business support toolbox that equips you to run your salon more sustainably yet efficiently.
These are some of its features …

  • selection of products & services with exemplary low eco-impact
  • eco-equipment, tools and appliances
  • expert consultancy


By transparently communicating our efforts, our progress and our improvements, we empower you and your clients to make informed choices. We invite you to join our quest for fully sustainable product usage and supply operations, both @work and @home, to minimize their impact.


We communicate our efforts and progress on relevant touchpoints with maximum transparency. All this is done with the goal of empowering you to make informed product choices.

  • We digitally publish all product ingredients and their purpose – starting in 2021 with KMS, then extending to all our brands.
  • We make sustainability a topic in our own industry events.

We are replacing our printed communication materials with digital offerings where appropriate.
Our goal ...

  • to reduce our printed salon communication by up to 30%¹ 

1Compared to 2019.


Find out how to ...

  • reduce your environmental impact
  • shrink your carbon footprint
  • conserve water
  • save energy
  • reduce waste
  • demonstrate transparency to your clients
... in your salon and daily routines


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