Kao Salon is giving you a stage
to live your creativity…

Every type of creativity is waiting for you here – no one has more creativity than the Kao Salon Division, inspired by the best artists in the business. We want to go the extra mile so that you can show your true mastery, live your creativity and push your limits in every way.

As your trusted salon partner, we invite you to be proud, confident and leading edge.

Come and join us, it is time to be inspired. 


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Kao Salon Division is inviting stylists from all over the world to the Kao Salon Global Experience. An event, which is more than a hairshow, it is an unforgettable celebration of Creativity, Culture and Community. Most importantly it‘s about experiencing the Kao Salon Community – it‘s like coming home to the coolest family reunion ever! Experience it for yourself! 

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Global Creative Awards models and hair stylists at work


Global Creative Awards - an entirely new global competition focused exclusively on creativity. This new competition is the next evolution of the Color Zoom Challenge – Goldwell’s global trend competition. The key difference with the new Global Creative Awards is that stylists are now free to create an entry showing their own unique vision, rather than having to use Goldwell’s annual trend as the basis for their creation.

show the world your vision.

IMAGINE: Let your imagination run wild. Envision your collection. What will you show the world? How will the colors, shapes and textures look? Once you have your vision, assemble your mood board to bring it to life. Review. Refine. Reimagine. Repeat until you’re satisfied.

CREATE: Find your muse. Assemble your team. It’s time for you to bring your vision to life. Be clear. Be focused. Push yourself and make it big. Make it great. Make it stand out.

INSPIRE: Now it’s time for you to put your creation out there. Enter the Global Creative Awards and share your vision with the world. Impress our judges with your collection. Inspire the entire world. 


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